Friday, April 8, 2011

while study tax for the test this tonight..teringat another test will be coming on the nex! so happy..every day.....rezeki jgn ditolak!im in the "very excited" zone...are you in the ZONE? nex week will be my busy week...but, I LOIKE...ps2, cuti 1mggu...syok!syok! exm just only 2weeks...pastu...g tioman..ps2..rehat tak ingat dunia..yes!yes!AYAH~~another vcation plz..hehe..LOVE U!

OOOO...teringt! PBL 2 update tk buat lg...maaf En Mie a.k.a Prof Dato' Dr azmi.just like my dad's nme..Dato' and going to be Dr very soon.(proud both of u)..Prof jauhla kot bcoz he's not a lecture...maaf,sy tkdan nk buat assgnment n presentation run smoothly....everything group mmber give "the best" and "the boom" cooperation to me..let me introduce my paparazzi's mber...shah=as a group leader and will dstribute qstion to us..adam=as a editor for our grop asgnment..aida=as a person who always draw the will be edit fnish work and send the PDF file to en Azmi..

so PBL 2 sudah lepas...presentation pun sudah..on that prsnttion day..kitrg lihat..betapa cantik and unikNya slide show msing2..termsuklah kmpulan kami..hahaha....adr yg gitu..adr yg gni...tq to aida who prepared that slide gay, skg nk finishkan PBL3 bolehkan prepare for test.....espcially test AIS..(amik hati)...hahahah

lets my finish my ucapan dgn..."setiap perkara baik, pasti dibalas dgn kebaikan"...

Best regards,
Humaira Abdullah

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