Thursday, March 3, 2011

date : 2March 2011
place : home sweet home
time : 10.40pm

this entry is dedicated to En Azmi...

i 've done my reading about REVENUE CYCLE but..sad to say that im very confius about the Document, Process, many things that need to read more, more and more...

revenue cycle ni sbnrnyer mcm how the company earn money from their customer. tp dier pnyer process, document sgtla banyak dan banyak..mana nk ingt ini, itu..ingt ini, lupa itu..ingt itu lupa ini..keep trying to understand tp skg, msih dlm proses memaham..tnggu En Mie ajr dlu how to draw the FLAW chart la..nnti mgkin boleh phm kot..

skg, sy still takphm..npe page 74 and 75 sama? ke sy punyer buku jer?ke dier mmg cmtu?ke sy yg tak perasan perbezaan dier? ke cmne? ke sy LUPE!LUPE! =)

P/S : PBL still is an assignment for me ^_____^..and ia sgt membosankan (-.-")

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R. N. said...

i feel da same but we should take the bull by the horns~ ^-^
ganbatte~ne kudasai!

maivie said...

ganbatte! huh~~~~~~

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