Monday, November 15, 2010


wah2..lamaNya tak, ak tahu the most suitable time to do writing...when im on my sem, i have a lot of time!! yea....until i dnt knw what im going to do instead of shopping, shopping and shopping..its really awesome to be here...huhu..

i have finish my 1st semester for dgree! its cool...lot lot lot of work need to be done.its to tough..exhausted!

harapanYa my result akan bagi yang TERBAIK..aku da nyesal dengan result part1 time dip dlu..sgt teruk..dulu, i've to struggle to mantain above 3.5 till i've finished my diploma..but, All praises to Allah..i got it.....i'll do anything because of my family, yes! only my family...not me itself..

so, this 2dec, ak akan the 1st in my siblings akan berknvo...bangga sekali, tp syg aku tak dpt ANC..ish! tp tkpela, dgn CGPA bgitu baik sekali...aku trut berbngga dgn diri sendiri dan yg pntg, PN ROZYTA & TUAN HJ ABDULLAH yg bg sokongan segala jenis apapun kat aku ni...=) =)..opss! sblm terlupa, my cnvocation numbers is 800..eight hundred ONLY..haha..

p/s to ibu&ayah =>bunga jgn lupa!

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