Saturday, October 17, 2009


esok nak pergi rumah puan laila..ader rumah terbuka..hehe.puan cakap:

puan: humaira,kamu dekat dgn rumah saya.kamu tak datang, i will deduct your mark..
aku : hehehe,baik puan..saya akan datang...

sweet sgt puan laila.puan filipine,she so cute..she make us happy during lesson hour..but frankly speaking, the subject that puan teach are very ngantuk even there have a lot of calculation part..

but before this, we 5ab already attend to 2 terbuka houses at jengka..firstly izzah house. her mak cook very well and alhamdullilah, her mak give us tapau. so, during midnight before continue study(study ke), we can makan lg..heheh

and for the second, rumah en nazri..we treat him as our brother...we went to his house with van uitm.but actualy the house are very near..hehe..because the sifat malas itu, we need to pay RM1 per person.duit raya is for the lucky person, but not for people like me.haha....i dont get the duit raya..but many of friend got it.i think around 10person or maybe more..because i dont know..i just sitting out and menikmati makanan disediakan..hehehe...but,very nice it..nasi tomato..

and tomorow will be my 3rd house and insyaAllah on friday next week, my english lec..puan roslina will belanja kitorg makan tengahri...thanks madam..!

==>love you all so much! wink ;-P

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