Friday, July 10, 2009

ACD 5AB ( summary for ONE week)

[ iSNiN] 1) mkt class, i have absent for that class becoz im still in my house at at around 12pm..i drive by my own to balik jengka to attend class petang..LAW and FAR
2)LAW teach by En Sabri..thats the cool sir..hehe...i have never pay attention for the class becoz so ngtuk..but, honestly..i love very much law subject....i love act..companies act 1965 and partnership act 1961...hehe...
3)FAR , far before this..but..for this sem tak tau lagi la..kene pikir dlu...hehe..far lec by CiK ZU..tapi sebenarnya,bosanya clas ari tue..petang..letih..
[SELASA] 1)clas was stat at 8..stat with BEL that lec so much..the baik lec..PUAN ROSALINA..she told us to buy the, we pay the money to adam..our class rep..
2)after that,attend to class puan NORLAILA ABDULLAH.."if u spell wrongly my name,i will timbak you"..heheh..madam from philipina..sgt funny...kelakar giler..bes tapi still dont know why aku still ngantuk dalam clas dier..takut ngtuk..taknk kene timbak!!.takut!!! xoxoxo
3)pastu, on 4pm..we need to go class TAX..puan anis barieyah..cantik that madam..muka Nya bersih putih just inform the book that we need to buy..1lagi subjek that make me very interested on that..TAX!

[RABU] ALL THE CLASSES WAS CANCEL ON RABU! YES........SO, i take the change to going back to my rumah,temerlove....

[KHAMIS] 1)early morning on this day around 7am..i drive again to going back to jengka..i have to attend my class law on, alhamdulillah on 7.45 i was at pagar uitm..but.......something done on me...shit!..i will post later..wait ha!
2)law class nothing special..i just termenung.."kamu paham?".."paham!!!padahal apa yang paham pun tak tau..whateve!
3)on 4pm,i have another class..maf..madam timbak..."do u understand?", kalu tak paham saya cubit macam ni(sambil tunjuk jari cm nk cubit)..comey it...but still ngantuk...hahah..

[JUMAAT] hahaha...i love sure semua student pun akan suka jumaat..but we still have a class form 8am til 12pm..(tax & bel)
nothing special on that clas,but juz inform all the this pic i was take on BEL clas..when break time..
so, on 2.30pm...i balik temerlove week , 3times i drive to&back temerlove..heheh..i do becoz i have the premise ok!

hahahaha...this only on our 1st week..we still have TIGA BELAS WEEK lagi for be the higher level of senior..part6..hahahah..tak sabar! i love to be diploma holder on my age, The End on my&our first!..and 1jer lagi class i have never attend..Marketing class..en nazri if im not mistake..bye!!!

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Kay Karim said...

hehehe.. ak mls bce..
panjg sgt..

tp aku suke coz ade pic akuh..


keep up a gud work k...

maivie said...

ceh..tak bace..

tak pyh bace..bkn bce pun..

i kep on writing,u kep on reading..hahaha

??? said...

sengal gile muke aku. rase nk sepak2 je

maivie said...

ko nak soh aku tolong sepakkn tak?
ak on jer..

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